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Morden Home Office

Morden Home Office

Morden Home Office 150 150 Contemporary Garden Studio

8th September 2021

Morden – Home Office / Studio

Built on site to our clients specification, this home office studio features a large decked area. It has a small shed hidden at the rear of the studio. Using only top quality insulation for thermal efficiency. Anthracite coloured windows and doors and finished with Siberian larch with natural oak stain as chosen by our client. A selection of well placed exterior lights allows the studio to be used at night.

All our beautiful garden studios are well insulated and therefore can be used all year round.


• 90mm Celotex in the walls, 100mm in the floor and up to 140mm to the ceiling.

• This studio measured 5.8m wide and 4.2m deep.

• Exterior lighting & intergrated shed / storage space.

The following work on this home office garden studio has all been achieved in less than 4 weeks.

Rendered image
Rendered image

We supply rendered drawings and walk around videos to all clients.

Insulated wooden garden room with exterior light
Garden room lite up at night
Garden room, garden studio
Insultaed wooden garden room

Pictures showing the studio lit up at night.

Insulated garden office

Internal image showing the sliding doors.

Insulated garden room
Insulated wooden garden room

Internal finish showing long window and the sky-light.

Garden room, garden office, garden studio

Completed studio.

Garden room, garden office, garden studio
Garden room, garden office, garden studio
Garden room with decking frame work

Decking frame work, this was another additional request by our valued customer.

Garden office, garden studio, garden room

Studio constructed and additions were incorporated by our valued customer, sky-light and a long window.

Concrete pads and cement mixer, garden room

Concrete pad formation marked and ready for excavation.

Garage demolition

Job begins with the demolition of the existing garage.

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